These open-access interactive geriatric learning modules are based on the Geriatrics interprofessional interorganizational Collaboration (GiiC) toolkit developed by the RGPs of Ontario. Users take on a senior character and follow their journey through the health system.

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Advance Care Planning

Learn about ACP as you follow the interactive story of Yarsdel presented in a scrolling, comic-book style choose-your-own adventure game. Vitalogue was released in March 2018 as a collaboration between St. Joseph's Health Care Centre, CMHA and Hospice of Waterloo Region.



It’s difficult to tell whether a person is experiencing delirium or dementia. In this module you will use a case study to practice identifying when someone is experiencing delirium, and the three different forms it can take. This includes applying the Confusion Assessment Method (CAM). Finally, this module discusses predisposing risk factors for delirium, and how to reduce those risk factors in someone’s life.


Dementia and Sexuality

Within each case study, you will learn about how dementia can impact the ways in which people living with dementia communicate their unmet needs, including those pertaining to sexuality. Myths and stereotypes about sexuality and dementia and the way these perceptions shape our interactions will be explored alongside practical strategies to support people living with dementia.

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